Surveyors & Adjusters

All successful surveys, whether heavy lifts or engine surveys have one thing in common – the need for a qualified, competent and experienced surveyor.

This is a prerequisite and if not present in the survey-equation then it is very likely that something will go wrong, possibly with disastrous results.

This is the reason SKSS employ qualified surveyors including:

Master Mariners
Marine Engineers
Naval Architects
who have years of experience in the handling and inspections of cargoes, ships, machinery and everything else involved in the marine industry.

SKSS surveyors follow strict rules in respect of each case they handle by studying the scope of work before attending and then by carrying out the appropriate inspection with the authority afforded to them by their knowledge and experience.

SKSS surveyors keep their clients fully informed throughout their inspections. On completion of their attendance they SKSSue an accurate, concise and factual formal report, providing a complete and detailed record of their findings and recommendations.

No matter what the task is, SKSS always have the right surveyor to handle it with confidence.


Bulk cargo surveys
Break bulk cargo inspections
On-hire and Off-hire condition surveys
Bunker surveys
Draft surveys
Deadweight surveys
Refrigerated break bulk cargo surveys
Dry containerised cargo surveys
Refrigerated container cargo surveys
Cargo preshipment surveys
Empty holds’ surveys
Fitness to load surveys
Ship suitability surveys
Lightering operations’ supervision
Grounding surveys and investigations
Salvage and wreck removal surveys
Heavy lift surveys
Surveys of cargo stowing and securing
Cargo tallying and Outturn surveys
Project cargo measurement surveys
Cargo packaging consulting
Hull and machinery surveys afloat and in drydock
Pre-purchase surveys
Ship valuations
Petroleum products’ contamination surveys
Surveys of ships for demolition-preparation
Tow arrangements’ inspections and approvals
Tug inspections and approvals, including Bollard Pull calculations
Ultrasonic testing of weather tight appliances with our own equipment and our own SDT certificated inspectors
P&I Clubs’ ship pre-entry condition surveys
Collision surveys and third party surveys
Oil pollution surveys
Surveys of clean-up operations

SKSS inspects all varieties of cargoes, all types of ships and all shore and offshore marine installations.

We provide top quality survey, loss adjusting and risk management services for:
Local and international marine insurers
P&I Clubs and their correspondents
Maritime law professionals
Freight forwarders
Removers and relocation service providers
Transport industries.
Comprehensive surveying and investigation services are available from our offices, from wet cargo in containers and hull/machinery damage surveys to pleasurecraft and risk management services.
We also provide loss prevention services to work in concert with special-interest cargoes and high-value machinery projects with ALP.
One of our specialities is household and personal effects claims.
Our offices are staffed by industry professionals so you can be assured of prompt, expert attention.
We report the facts, maintain strict impartiality and treat your valuable clients with respect.
Available 24 hours.

Service standards
We are always keen to enter into reasonable service standard agreements with our principals.
If there is no agreed standard then the following applies:
Initial contact with the client within one hour of receipt and appraisal of instructions.
Arrange to carry out survey on the same day as appointment or as required by circumstances.
Identify any third party liability issues and ensure legal rights of recovery are preserved on day of appointment ensuring joint survey offers are made and confirmed in writing with appropriate parties.
Liaison with insured/client:
Highlight the crucial aspects of the claim with the client and identify those areas, if any, which will require detailed investigation.
Maintain close contact with the client so that the claim or issue is progressed promptly.
Confirm that the client is aware of any aspects of the claim which might affect policy response or coverage.
Surveyors & Adjusters
It is recognised that many clients see the attending surveyor to be the face of their insurer and expect the surveyor to have all the answers.
We are always careful to bear this in mind and assist where we can but will always refer questions relating to policy or liability response, coverage, Surveyors & Adjustersterms and conditions and the like to our principals for action.
Unless specifically instructed we will never confirm claim or liability acceptance with the client.

Extent of survey
We understand that insurers and other principals may have guidelines as to the extent of surveyors' work. Manu Marine will always accept definite instructions as the limit of the work required. These may be one or more, for example, of the following:-For insurers (eg cargo, hull, pleasurecraft):
Conduct a damage survey only and report on cause, nature and extent of the loss.
Report on claimant's actions regarding recovery rights and mitigation.
Assist the claimant in protecting recovery rights and assist in the mitigation process
All of the above plus review the insured’s final claim statement with comment on its attachment to the casualty
All of the above with provision of an adjustment for consideration under the terms and conditions of the policy.
By default and unless otherwise instructed we will provide reports and carry out 1, 2, 3 and 4 above. For third party liability interests:-
Conduct a damage survey only and report on cause, nature and extent of the loss. <
Posted on 06 Dec 2010 by Christina Fernandez