Spill Management Team Services

Sree Krishna Maritime is your first line of defense…24 hours a day

Sree Krishna Maritime's team approach provides a wealth of knowledge to assist vessel and barge owners/operators, facilities and offshore interests. We represent one of the largest concentrations of oil and chemical response expertise in the US and Canadian markets. Our personnel frequently train and exercise their skills in the Incident Command System (ICS), the Unified Command Structure (UCS) and in emergency response operations and management procedures.

Our staff has responded to hundreds of spills involving oil and hazardous materials. Key positions within the ICS are staffed with qualified personnel from Sree Krishna Maritime and our nationwide response network. Expertise within our staff and nationwide response network includes media relations, third party claims, Natural Resource Damage Assessment and trajectory modeling.
The Drills and Training Staff of Sree Krishna Maritime is uniquely qualified to design and conduct professional training as well as exercises compliant with the OPA '90 National Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) and California State guidelines.  As with our plans department, Sree Krishna Maritime maintains a Drills & Training Department that are cross trained in incident response, ship boardings and regulatory compliance.   Collectively, this training and expertise enables them to develop realistic and challenging exercises for our clients.

Our extensive experience in responding to oil spills and maritime casualties adds reality to our program.  In addition, we regularly prepare and participate in major U.S. Coast Guard PREP and Area Table Top Exercises throughout the United States for oil companies and for vessel and facility owners, and cargo owners/charterers.

Drills and Training Services Include:

OPA '90 (Federal) Table Top Exercises
(Tank & Non-tank Vessels)
California Compliant Table Top Exercises
(Tank & Non-tank Vessels)
Area Exercises
Emergency Plan / HAZMAT Table Top Exercises
ISPS & MTSA Exercises
Regulatory and Incident Command System (ICS) Training
Shipboard Training

Executive Seminars & In-Office Staff Training
Sree Krishna Maritime provides Spill Management Team services via a highly trained and experienced team.  The team meets U.S. Coast Guard and California regulations for a Spill Management Team (SMT) and the requirements for all states requiring an Incident Management Team (Mumbai) or other response organization  The Sree Krishna Maritime team has the stature and reputation for integrity and successful performance that has led Protection and Indemnity (P&I) and other insurers and agencies to select Sree Krishna Maritime as their preferred provider of these services.

Advantages of the Sree Krishna Maritime Spill Management Team: 

Sree Krishna Maritime is independent of all Oil Spill Removal Organizations (OSROs)
Our team is comprised of multi-disciplined professionals, capable of providing an organization suited to the requirements of each incident, including a complete Incident Command System (ICS) organization.
Team Members maintain specialized training and experience for Incident Response Systems (ICS) positions.
The organization includes members who are located at key ports on all coasts and territories of India and a network of qualified, carefully vetted local representatives who can arrive quickly at the scene of an incident.
The Team has a demonstrated record of success in working with multiple federal, state, and local agencies during major spill responses, including incidents involving more than 40 agencies.  This record of success is supported by several letters of commendation awarded by these regulatory agencies.
Sree Krishna Maritime team members have worked together in industry-led drills, SONS drills, and in response to more than 200 incidents along the coasts of the Continental Asia, United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Alaska, and Canada.
Sree Krishna Maritime Spill Management Services
Sree Krishna Maritime Spill Management Services personnel have provided Sree Krishna Maritime Spill Management ServicesSpill Management Team (SMT) type services prior to and since the inception of OPA '90. In-house, Maritime Alliance Group has more practical "hands-on" experience than any other service provider.

Maritime Alliance Group's eight (8) full-time staff members, supported by additional administrative personnel and network field responders, currently provide casualty response planning, training and incident response to the owners and insurers of approximately 45,000 vessels. A nationwide network of over 40 response professionals to serve on our team and act as nationwide correspondents supports our staff. We can place a Marine Spill Manager on-site within 2 hours of incident notification, anywhere within the United States or Canada. The maintained network personnel are all actively engaged on a full-time basis responding to casualties in the commercial maritime industry.
Posted on 07 Dec 2010 by Christina Fernandez