Warehousing, Distribution & Transload Operations

The availability of all the essential facilities and our amicable relations with associates in the industry, we are able to provide total logistics solutions to our clients based in any part of the globe. Right from packing, loading / unloading, transportation and warehousing, we provide complete logistic solutions at affordable prices.

Our personnel are extremely responsible in handling the cargo of our clients and ensure that no damage is caused to it.

We have been instrumental in providing warehousing & distribution including custom clearance to high end product manufacturer & renowned brands.
Passenger’s baggage services
Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services is a well-known provider for terminal and baggage servicespassenger’s baggage services at airport locations around the world services that aim for an improved passenger experience, services airports do not have the resources to take care of. Engaging Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services on a management or concession basis the airport will not have to worry about it anymore. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services takes care of it. The airport neither has to invest into staff nor into carts, lockers, wrapping machines etc., but can benefit from additional income.Airport Passenger Baggage Services

Through the years, the Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services Group has achieved an outstanding record for the quality and integrity of its services and products performed for its customers.

The Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services Group has their headquarters in India. Further domestic companies are located in Singapore, Great Britain and the U.S.A.. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services’s management team has years of airport experience, and manages and operates trolley operation systems and terminal baggage services at airports in Europe and North America.
Airport and Passenger Baggage Services

Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services offers a range of customer and baggage services that ease an airport’s daily tasks and make their travellers feel supported and comfortable. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services’s experience shows that passengers appreciate having the choice for services to be rendered and will use them when needed.

Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services consults the airport to compose their customized service package that fits the airport’s requirements. The airports may compile their individual package from several modules:

1. Baggage Cart Management (Cart Vending Systems)
2. Lost Property Management (“MissingX”)
3. Porter Services
4. Baggage Storage
5. Self Service Lockers
6. Baggage Protection (Luggage Wrapping or Sealing)
7. Mail-and-Fly (Mail solution at Security Control)
8. P.R.M. Services “AssistPort”
9. Business Partners Concepts (Franchise)

Airport Porter Services

Single passengers and travel groups can relax and enjoy their travel. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services takes care of their baggage.

The airport porters can either be pre-booked or called when the passenger arrives at the airport. The porters will gladly assist in checking in all baggage.

Airport Porter Services Airport Passenger Baggage Services
Biometric Airport Lockers

Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services offers the possibility of storage in modern self service lockers which except coins, credit cards and biometric safe access features. The biometric airport lockers are ideal for the storage of personal items such as luggage, shopping bags and sports equipment. The solid construction of this system provides a very high level of protection against vandalism and theft.

Biometric Airport LockersBiometric Self-Service Lockers

No capital expenditures

Airports mainly benefit from Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services as they engage Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services without capital expenditures. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services supplies their services to airports on a concession basis. As part of the concept hardware, systems and staffing will be implemented by Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services generates profits directly from the passenger or from advertisement. With this solution airports will not have to invest any capital into something which is not their core competence

High quality and specialised equipment always improving

Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services’s products are well developed combining staff’s knowledge and experience, high quality equipment and smart IT-solutions. Working close together with international oriented Suppliers, Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge Services keeps improving their equipment. They design and develop new equipment and software for an optimised application always considering the special requirements of airport facilities.
Posted on 19 Dec 2010 by Padmalayam Krishnan
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