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With a comprehensive range of air freight services, we offer consolidations and back to back and also chartering of aircraft as and when required. On volumetric consignments, you can also avail of discounted rates. We boast an extensive network of agents that makes us able to provide secure, efficient and timely delivery of freight. The vast number of destinations covered by us and the large volumes handled by us enable us to consolidate direct containers to specific locations which in turn enables us to control transit time and cost. We provide efficient inward and outward consolidation service to Indian exporters and importers. We ensure that there is no mid-point break bulk so that possible chances of mishandling can be avoided. The alacrity with which we work shows our ability to handle fragile and sensitive shipments. We have a committed network of integrated air and ground services that enables us to handle from pick up to prompt delivery.


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We know that staying ahead is no more a matter of choice, it's a compulsion. Therefore you need a service which understands your deadlines, security and safety needs. We serve the corporate relocation needs efficiently whether they are domestic or international. Even the household goods are handled with the same professionalism because we expect ourselves to perform with the same degree of excellence, every time. We have developed a personalized approach towards door to door moving and relocation of a variety of goods. Our expert team members and staff extend secure and untroubled packing and moving of your belongings throughout India and all over the world. Besides being secure and safe, we are also cost efficient and guarantee satisfaction. The relocation solutions offered by us are simple, cost effective and quick. We are one of the most trusted and reputed names in the movers and packers industry and have been attending for long to major embassies and MNCs.
Our freight forwarding services are renowned for their cost-effectiveness, reliability and timely and safe delivery. Available across the world, our freight forwarding services are provided through air as well as sea. Owing to the presence of a qualified and experienced team, we are able to adeptly handle bulk quantities of goods without any hassles.
Welcome to SKMS Air Cargo
Welcome to SKMS Air Cargo
Welcome to SKMS Air Cargo
Welcome to the online edifice of SKMS Air Cargo. We appreciate your interest in our company and we will do our best to ensure an informative browsing experience.

At SKMS Air Cargo, we know the critical importance of each shipment and how much it could mean to the daily operations of your business. We treat every shipment as a highly individualized experience wherein your cargo moves swiftly, directly from your facility to the airline dock and straight to the destination. That’s why our freight services command immediate response and absolute trust.

All our offices employ experienced professionals, the best resources and the latest technologies to transport your shipment across the globe efficiently. We ensure that nothing comes between moving your shipment from point A to point B in the fastest time - carefully and consistently.

This is why we can deliver the world to any door step. Because when you are with SKMS, you are with a professional who knows the fastest way around the world. Our integrated fleet and experience of top-notch expertise permits us to chart the shortest logistic route for your shipment till it reaches the destination, all along assuring that there’s no delay, diversion or misplacement.

From military to manufacturers, the world is going via SKMS Air Cargo, because whatever the cargo, it will be delivered on time, every time. That’s what you expect and that’s what you will receive from SKMS.

Smooth. Direct. Affordable and reliable - we have a host of services like Door to Door Charter Service, World Class International Services, Same Day, Overnight, HAZMAT and Oversize. Challenge us! You will only make us better.

Our dedicated professionals have consistently displayed exemplary performance and have been bestowed with many awards, of which we are extremely proud of. You can count on us. We’ll move mountains if necessary to make sure your shipment arrive on site, on time. Because where other companies may promise the world, we deliver. With accuracy, detail and effective adherence to quality, SKMS Air Cargo will be right with you as you browse through the rest of our web site.

On our web site we have tried to keep most of our utility information on the home page where it will be easily accessible to you. Our web site offer you details of our services, our company details, our past performances in case studies, the industry news and some of the most common queries in FAQ. You can also see the Air Cargo Quote Request link along with the Customer Service and our Contact details on the same navigation bar.

Additional to this you will also find the highly helpful Shipment Tracking model with separate boxes provided to enter Tracking Criteria and Tracking number to help you track shipments in a more focused manner. Our superior on-line technology that tracks your shipment anywhere in the world and provides you the status in seconds represents the SKMS advantage.

You can catch the latest SKMS Air Cargo News and updates as snippets on the section under the Tracking section.

As an additional convenience, we have the handy conversion tools at the bottom link You can use these tools to calculate currency, time, weight, etc and make your calculation a lot easier.

If you wish to know the details about various services offered by SKMS Air Cargo, you may click the Services button and go through the sub-links. We will promptly guide you through all our services that appear as sub-links.

If you would like to know more about the people, vision, mission and details of the company, please click the Company button.

If you are looking for conversions like currency, weight or even interSKMS time, please click on Tools.
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