Meetings & Retreats, Conferences, Unique Events, Celebrations, and Concierge Services

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Meetings & Retreats, Conferences, Unique Events, Celebrations, and Concierge Services

Whether a women’s wellness weekend, corporate meeting, warm-weather charity golf tournament, family reunion or annual association conference, or distinctive dinner party, KHOMS  Events delivers a customized, full-service, value-added approach to make your event happen — and make it unforgettable. The KHOMS  Event Management Team uses a unique creative planning process, innovative and experiential activities and fresh, secluded West Coast locations to create a tailored experience that suits clients’ personalities, needs and budgets.

Corporate Off-Sites, Executive Meetings & Team-Building Retreats
Creativity + Conversation = Innovation

Current economic, environmental and social problems are at an all-time time high calling for innovative and creative solutions.  Companies are looking to leaders and leadership teams for fresh ideas, unique initiatives, and transforming campaigns.  Like no other time before, corporate off-sites, executive meetings and team-building retreats must deliver value and solutions.  How?  By delivering a different experience.

Einstein said, “If you want different results, do not do the same things.”  For meeting planners, if clients are asking for a totally different experience, are you going to take them back to the same urban hotel with closed windows and air conditioning?  Or, is it time to break out of the box and create a new experience at a new destination – BC’s best kept secret -  where we have more artists and musicians per capita of any other Canadian community*.  Different solutions are a result of a different approach.  Just like a road trip, if you take a different route, you’ll reach a new destination.  Participants need to physically be in a different place if they want to achieve a different, creative head-space.


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KHOMS Concierge knows "our neighborhood" builders, re-builders, sub-contractors, and all home service providers. Even if you only need a handy man for something small at your home or condo, you will know who to call, and who not to call. KHOMS Concierge is available to all our clients.

Often you can get more than just a name and number. You can often get a neighborhood reference to talk with, and an opportunity to get details, costs, etc. Naturally, we then want KHOMS Concierge to become your record keeper for all workers you may hire and use. Even if you wish to remain anonymous, adding yours will help KHOMS Concierge grow and become even more complete as "our neighborhood" concierge.

Additionally, to make our concierge a complete information service it is also the fastest and easiest source to find everything and anything in Atlanta.

A sampling of the type of experiences easily created by the Distinctly West Coast team:

First Nations interpretive kayak tour, singing, drumming, dancing and an authentic salmon bbq;

Theatrical group work or improv at an Art Farm, five acres dedicated to cultivating change;

Time to get your hands (and feet) dirty with a visit to an agricultural learning centre to learn organic farming techniques and enjoy a local 100-mile diet lunch;

Morning mountain biking or hiking with a certified guide, afternoon yoga and relaxation breathing techniques, interspersed with professionally facilitated conversation, group work, and plenty of social time;

Scenic West Coast flight aboard a totally refurbished 1950′s floatplane followed by a big picture, strategic visioning session – expansive experience, expansive minds;

Creative leadership conversation labs where we don painting smocks and utilize professionally facilitated discussion intertwined with painting, finger-painting or sock monkey making to get the creative juices flowing!
There are two key ingredients of our successful, innovative, out-of-the-box group experiences:  Creativity and Conversation.  Conversation (ie. a typical corporate meeting) without an experiential activity that allows you to travel beyond the typical day-to-day head-space of doing (answering emails, telephone calls, reacting, etc.) to a creative space of being (brainstorming, creating, enjoying) will only yield typical results.  For those groups ready to shift past the typical onto the exceptional, we can create, organize and coordinate the experiences necessary for you!
Meetings & Retreats, Conferences, Unique Events, Celebrations, and Concierge Services
By utilizing our vast knowledge of the marketplace along with relationships Meetings & Retreats, Conferences, Unique Events, Celebrations, and Concierge Services and partnerships with worldwide key players in the luxury world, KHOMS Concierge is sure to deliver unique and quality lifestyle experiences. We are not commissioned-based; we take the time to understand your needs. We let you define your idea of luxury and we customize your request to ensure that it meets your every wish; that is why our fees reflect the personalization of our service. Our client-pro strategy provides an experience of enjoyment that is colorful, tasteful and is worth a lifetime experience.

KHOMS Concierge is a service company and great service is not always expensive. Our philosophy is to create results for our clients as we believe in quality over quantity. We believe our client is not a number and that a good result is not built over a night. We believe in having an in depth communication with our client to better match the needs and offer the very best service in luxury travel, entertainment and lifestyle. As Steve Edo said “people are still willing to spend on things that are meaningful to them and will somehow make their lives better. However, I believe our business is about enriching their lives with new experiences, not simply being rich”.
Posted on 10 Dec 2010 by Stephy Varghese