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Property management is defined as the responsibility of managing the multiple aspects which accompany the ownership of real estate. This is analogous to the role of managing events in any industry. Krishnamrutam Property Management offers a portal of links for you to browse through:

One important role is the liaison between the landlord and the tenant. Duty of property management companies incorporate accepting rent, responding to and addressing maintenance issues, advertising vacancies for landlords, and doing credit and background checks on tenants. The many facets to this profession include participating in and/or initiating litigation with tenants, contractors and insurance agencies. Litigation alone is at times considered an entirely separate function, set aside for trained attorneys. A property manager should be informed with new laws and practices in their given localities, cities and states. 
I see my client's interests as a combination of these management-related points of view: 
• Property management- maintaining and operating the property and its systems. 
• Relationship management- the quality of life within the property and accommodation of the diverse interests of the individual residents. 
My focus on client satisfaction starts with identifying the unique style and character of each property I manage. I then tailor my services accordingly. As I integrate the two management functions to achieve my clients' goals, my approach is not just responsive, but proactive. Responsiveness is obviously essential to successful management, but anticipation is the mark of professionalism. 

Organized for effectiveness 
Within my management system, all issues of accessibility, responsibility and accountability for every aspect of each building reside with me, the President of Concierge. There is no ambiguity. I will be completely familiar with your property and will be fully integrated into every area of operations and finance. 
Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance 
Regular and preventive maintenance are dependent on systematic property inspections and scheduled procedures. Complete inspections of the property, its systems, equipment, and outside areas are performed periodically and recorded in a log assigned to your specific property. 

I believe that there are no savings in deferred maintenance and that preventive maintenance is not only less expensive in the long run, but assists in avoiding the disruptions and hazards of structural or equipment failure. 
The property manager is the owner's partner in maximizing the return on investment of the property through efficient performance of these four functional areas of responsibility. The property management company acts in the best interests of the owner to maintain the property, keep it occupied with tenants, collect rents, budget improvements and maintain records.

Real Estate Development Consulting / Management

Real Estate Development is an extremely complex and local process in any environment and in particular in India. Often, Corporates and Individuals alike, own, inherit or acquire properties with an intrinsic development potential and also possess the financial resources to develop the real estate asset. Team Krishnamrutam Homecare Services with its in-depth local knowledge and proven track record assists such entities to successful develop the real estate asset in a professional .

Property Management Services

In keeping with this philosophy, the group believes in maintaining the high quality of their developments even after the buildings have been handed over to their clients. With this purpose in mind we have expanded our service delivery to take care of our projects post completion.

Safety of Occupants and Property
Clean environment with hassle free upkeep and maintenance
Civil Upkeep of the property.
Landscape Maintenance.

Infrastructure management - Electrical, Air-conditioning, Plumbing & Sanitary
Allied Services - Rent Collection, Statutory Compliance and other Soft Services.

Realty Services
Krishnamrutam Homecare Services Marketing Team takes care of residential or commercial property needs of their Purchasers as well as their Clients. We cater to clients, both corporate and individual, for lease management, rental and sale and purchase requirements of the Apartments, Office Spaces, Retail Spaces and Other Requirements.


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Property Management Services
KHOMS offers home and rental property owners in India a convenient, Property Management Servicesefficient, and time saving option designed to assist you with the many obligations that come with ongoing operation and maintenance of your property. We encourage you to hire us for your specific needs that may include;

* Handling your vacation renters, meeting with keys, etc.
* Cleaning after vacation renters leave.
* Managing lawn care.
* Managing snow plowing and/or snow shoveling.
* Performing basic repair and maintenance jobs.
* Household trash removal, recycling, bottle returns, etc.
* Furniture rearranging.
* Getting quotes, contacting, and meeting a plumber, electrician, appliance repairman, furnace repaiman, etc.
* Obtaining quotes and working with contractors for interior or exterior painting jobs, roofing projects, landscaping, etc.
* Taking care of your grocery store or pharmacy shopping.
* Monitoring vacant properties over extended periods of time.

We offer services to help the following 3 groups:

Property Management Services

Effective and strategic property management can transcend a business to the hilt, by extracting the maximum value from a portfolio of retail, office, leisure, hotel and residential property, both during one's ownership and on any subsequent disposal.
Posted on 10 Dec 2010 by Stephy Varghese
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