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Auto Management
No matter how large or small your fleet is, KHOMS’s Concierge can help you realize its full potential with a unique approach to auto management that turns your challenges into innovative solutions. 

Our service management professionals understand today’s auto industry and are committed to customer service, which means that we can provide a range of solutions tailored to fit your individual needs. And because our team is backed by the most dynamic organizations, systems, and resources, we will save you real time and money every day. We invite you to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Flexible Auto Management Solutions
Maintenance Management
When it comes to maintaining your vehicle or fleet, count on KHOMS’s to deliver innovative solutions that drive productivity and reduce costs throughout your vehicle’s life cycle.

Auto Salon Car Care
When it’s time to have your vehicle maintained, KHOMS’s can pick it up, pamper it at our auto salon, and drop it off again, all without any inconvenience to you.

Managing Director / Founder 

Born and raised in India, South Africa and Swaziland, Sarafina worked in luxury hotels and restaurants in London and South Africa before heading to sea. She worked her way to a successful career on board some excellent cruise lines and travelled the world.  Her last position at sea was as Concierge onboard the world’s one of the finest resort communities at sea. As a person who enjoys travelling, meeting new people and excelling in new challenges, she thrives on obtaining the unobtainable!

Like everything else in our lives, travelling has become more complicated and planning a trip can be very time consuming.  Among other things, travel restrictions, visas and added security have added to the stress of taking a trip.  On top of that are the endless choices we are bombarded with.  KHOMS will put the pleasure back into travelling and will handle every little detail, down to your ride back home at the end of your adventure.

Don’t know where to go for your yearly family vacation?  Tell us what you are looking for and what your budget is and we will do the research and present you with a selection of ideas and destinations that will suit your needs.

The perfect honeymoon, a week-end away or an extended business trip – our insistence on fine quality and complete attention to detail will ensure that every trip is a success.  We utilise our excellent world-wide resources to provide the ultimate travel service. No itinerary is too complex. No request is too complicated. Simply tell us what you would like and we will make it happen.  Unlike other organisations or your local travel agents, we do not book you anywhere because of affiliations or kick-backs.  We book you where you want to be and research every request thoroughly – always keeping you and your desires in mind.

Just a few of our services which aim to put the joy back into travel include:

Sourcing flight tickets
Clarifying passport and visa requirements
Selecting the perfect hotel
Restaurant reservations
Theatre or event tickets

KHOMS offers a suite of sophisticated and valuable concierge services and we work tirelessly to be of the greatest benefit to our clients. Just some of the services we can provide are:

Restaurant reservations
Theatre or event tickets
Co-ordinate private parties or large events
Plan meetings
Order flowers world-wide
Find, wrap and deliver a personal, one-of-a-kind gift to a friend in another country
Book a taxi or limousine services globally
Arrange yacht or fishing charters
Personal research or special projects
Once in a life time vacations
Locating ‘hard to find’ items
Auto Rental and Lease
For your convenience, we can provide a rental vehicle while your car is with us, so you never have to be without one. Select from our wide variety of both practical and exotic cars to make your KHOMS’s Auto Maintenance experience seamless and hassle-free.

Auto Storage
If your vehicle requires storing, we can provide top of the line accommodation at our safe and secure facility. We’ll treat your car like it’s our own and both pick it up and drop it off – good as new – right at your door.

Auto Transportation
Wherever your car needs to be, KHOMS’s Concierge can get it there. We offer safe, reliable transportation for any type of car – whether it’s a new car, classic car, or just your everyday car – plus guaranteed delivery dates and computerized tracking.

Insurance Consulting
KHOMS’s Auto Maintenance can help take the guesswork out of your insurance policies. Our team will review your policies and assist in explaining all coverage on your home, auto and commercial insurance. 

Our management team can also identify anything missing from your policy and assist you in obtaining additional coverage that will suit your individual needs. We also ensure that all effective and expiry dates are valid and we remind you of important renewal dates.

Assistance in Case of Accident
KHOMS’s Concierge recognizes that when a person is involved in an accident, they may not be in a clear state of mind. If you experience an accident, our management team will be available to provide all necessary guidance. 

We can assist by reviewing your policy coverage and guiding you step by step through the process of filing a claim. With KHOMS’s Concierge, you will be prepared for what is expected and required of you by the insurance company. 

We also prepare our clients with the questions that they need to ask to ensure their claim will be handled in an efficient and a timely manner.

KHOMS’s Concierge recognizes that we live in a very fast-paced and busy environment. Count on our management team to take the time to make sure that your needs are taken care of with efficiency and professionalism, whatever the circumstance or situation.

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KHOMS vehicle management
The KHOMS vehicle management team have been providing client support KHOMS vehicle managementfor a number of years through varied positions in the luxury and specialist car market. Team members have been responsible for world wide service support for Mclaren F1, Maybach and Mercedes SLR McLaren. Through KHOMS Vehicle Management they have built up a network of clients who look to them for assistance with all aspects of vehicle ownership. Clients range from successful business individuals, sports stars and celebrities. We always ensure our clients arrangements are kept confidential. Whether you have one special vehicle or a complete collection we have the experience to provide you an exclusive personal vehicle concierge service. We offer a wide range of services from individual requests to creating a maintenance schedule for a collection of vehicles. Everything we offer can be tailored around your needs. Upon registering your interest we will arrange a consultation meeting to establish your requirements. We will then create a detailed proposal with costings for your approval. We will then appoint one of our personal liaison managers as your point of contact, the idea is that you form a professional relationship with our representative which allows us to provide you a consistent exclusive service.
Posted on 14 Dec 2010 by Christina Fernandez