Offshore Support Agency

Different sectors of the Offshore Marine contracting industry operate specialised vessels working on specialised projects and have specialised Port agency and logistics requirements. Sreekrishna Maritime Services has recognised the need to provide tailor made logistics solutions to meet the extremely demanding principals we work with in this sector.

Whether working for offshore construction contractors, dredging companies, survey companies, pipe laying or cable-laying contractors, SKSS has the experience and the expertise to deliver a high quality of logistics service across the world.

In the Oil & Gas sector we are working both directly with the Oil majors and with the contractors and subcontractors working for the Oil majors. From documentation and logistics support for a FPSO, logistics support on rig movements, or agency and logistics support for AHTs and PSVs, SKSS can deliver a quality logistics service.

SKSS recognizes the fundamental importance of local ‘nuts and bolts’ service delivery, yet at the same time supply chain software applications and a global focus on HSSE and Quality allows SKSS to warranty the same high level service in all its locations worldwide.

Whether it is temporary importation documentation, vessel agency and husbandry requirements, crew and spares movement, life support activities for project personnel, or provision of launches and landside logistics requirements, SKSS has the experience and professional services to be the partner of choice.

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Sree Krishna Maritime Services supports various phases of offshore exploration, construction and production, including anchor handling for derrick lay barges as well as pipe joint transportation. Barges ranging in size from 150 - 280 feet are used to carry pipe and offshore structures such as jackets and topsides. AHTS and Utility vessels transport supplies and personnel necessary to sustain drilling and production activities.

Offshore Support Services - we offer full agency and logistics support for any offshore project. We have intricate knowledge of the complex processes involved and the expertise in obtaining permits for expatriates and security clearances / licenses for vessels engaged in these projects. We have experience in handling projects in the petroleum, telecommunication and port development (dredging) sectors. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and appreciate the need to closely liaise with all the different components of the project.
The offshore launch service plays an important role in the service we provide in the region. Throughout India, our strong presence is enhanced by the use of our own launches to provide assistance when required to the Master and Crew.  Sree Krishna Maritime Services was the first company in India to develop this fleet to meet the changing demands of the offshore industry.
Offshore Support Agency
Sree Krishna Maritime Services recognises that the offshore marine sector is unique in that it has specialised port agency and logistics requirements. Our Offshore Support Agency dedicated offshore operations teams, with specialist knowledge and experience of the offshore industry, are on hand 24 hours a day every day of the year to ensure our principals receive a consistent first class service.

Our highly skilled staff have a detailed understanding of the complexity of customs formalities and the importance of rapid mobilisation required for offshore projects.

We understand the highly pressurised environment in which our principals operate so we fully appreciate the importance of meeting deadlines, the need for flexibility and above all the requirement for a proactive approach.
Our full range of Offshore Support Services throughout Asia include:
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