Multi Modal Transport Operator (MTO)

We are capable of offering our clients with multi modal transport operator services (MTO services) and intermodal freight transport, that pertain to the realm of freight forwarding. Being a Government authorized MTO operator, we offer our clients with authentic and dependable solutions that are completely documented and are free from any hassles.

Multi Modal Transport (MTO)

We are renowned in the industry as a Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO) and Intermodal Freight Transport that makes us cater to the freight forwarding requirements of our clients across the globe. We are registered with Director General of Shipping, Government of India that gives us the authority to issue our own House Bill of Lading. Our power in this domain makes us deliver timely and authentic multi modal transport operator services to our clients.
Multimodal Transport implies the safe and efficient movement of goods, where the MTO accepts the corresponding responsibility from door-to-door. With technological development of transport means and operations, as well as in communications, coupled with liberalization in the provision of services, more and more transport operators are able to provide such safe and efficient transport.

Our office is fully equipped to produce full documentation on your inbound & outbound shipments. Moreover we can arrange for the cartage of goods from the port of entry to your facilities. We understand the door-to-door concept that importers are looking for.

We have developed a unified logistics chain through our network of agents in India and other countries. Our office clears a wide arrangement of goods and handles multiple regulatory agencies that may be involved in those shipments.

Our associative agencies include Food and Drug Administration, Fish and Wildlife Services & the Department of Agriculture among others.

It's a win-win situation for multimodal transporters
Multimodal transportation, in India, still has a long way to go. The multimodal transportersgovernment should take measures to tip the economies of scale in favour of multimodal transporters. That is not the case now. For example, inspection of all the goods at the ports by the Customs should be done away with. This will check pilferage, reduce procedural hassles and speed up the movement of goods. Instead of examination of goods by the Customs, the government should have better intelligence to track the culprits. Finance Minister Jaswant Singh has promised to look into this issue after six months. At present, multimodal transport operators are not allowed to move their cargo from one container freight station (CFS) to another. But they are allowed to transport goods from the inland container depot (ICD) to the port. The government should also permit the movement of goods from one CFS to another, say, at Jawaharlal Nehru Port, which has many container freight stations. This will ensure the consolidation of cargo at one location, and help economies of scale.
Posted on 09 Dec 2010 by Shiny Wilson