This is one of our primary services to the maritime industry.  Despite the intervention of a multi national naval task force and the introduction of a “safe corridor” in the Gulf of Aden vessels are still being attacked and hijacked on a daily basis.  Even senior US Navy officials have admitted that in spite of these measures they still cannot guarantee the safety of every vessel in this area advocating the utilisation of private security companies in order to reduce a vessel’s chances of pirate attack.  Nevertheless, many seafarers ignore these warnings in the belief that a pirate attack will never happen to them.

SK Martiime Services can offer a team of highly professional and experienced individuals that will be embedded on your vessel for the duration of the transit through hostile waters.  All of our consultants are carefully selected based on their experience, maturity and personal qualities. The team will arrive onboard with a variety of specialist equipment and shall continually be on hand to assist with the planning of the transit, advising where necessary on the most appropriate measures to reduce and prevent piratical attack.  Our embedded security teams will offer a positive deterrent and reactive response to any threat to the safety of the vessel and crew thereby affording the Master and crew complete piece of mind to continue with their daily duties.

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Close Protection

Sometimes the need may arise for VIP’s to be given that extra protection, particularly when conducting business in an unfamiliar environment.  Most of our consultants possess the necessary qualifications and experience in VIP protection.

Furthermore, our teams of professionals possess the necessary personal attributes coupled with global knowledge to ensure the safety of our clients in all corners of the world.  Our team will conduct rigorous planning, reconnaissance and liaison to ensure all potential risks are thoroughly minimised.

Consultation and Training

We at SK Martiime realise the importance of careful, meticulous planning before and during every single task.  Our operations centre is permanently available to provide up-to-date intelligence reports, comprehensive risk assessments and overall general security advice to our clients.  In addition, our team of consultants can present and assist with crew training regarding all aspects of maritime security thus enhancing the security knowledge of the crew creating a more “security aware” environment onboard the vessel.
Maritime Security
SK Martiime integrates the latest technology, training, and resources to Maritime Securityprovide our clients with professional, reliable, and effective anti-piracy and anti-terrorist solutions. Our team of engineers and experts is constantly working to improve our tactical and strategic capabilities in order to produce the results our clients expect.

SK Martiime has only one objective: to carefully protect our clients cargo, vessel, and crew from piracy or attempted vessel take-over. We believe that large-vessel protection should be done discreetly, making the operational effectiveness of the vessel and its crew paramount to our mission.

Vessel take-overs are increasing at an alarming rate. Ransom demands for crew and vessel can reach tens of millions of dollars. Pirates are now capable of obtaining information such as manifests and know exactly what ships are carrying what cargo. SK Martiime is your defense against these criminal enterprises.

SK Martiime Services is a maritime security company specialising in the provision of a highly competent and bespoke service to our growing list of international clients.

We provide a low cost, high impact security solution to the commercial shipping and super yacht sectors, offering the highest professional and ethical business standards par excellence.

Our unique company ethos implements and maintains the highest professional standards, always acting in the best interests of our clients where integrity and attention to detail are key components in the execution of a safe and smooth transit through some of the world’s most dangerous waters.
Posted on 06 Dec 2010 by Christina Fernandez
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