Liner Services

Sree Krishna Maritime Services has a long history of providing agency services to leading container lines and this remains a core business of SKSS today across the SKSS network.

In 2008 SKSS handled over 600,000 teus and represents at least 15 of the 20 top carriers in the world.

Over the years SKSS has refined its services to become more than just a provider of local sales, container control and documentation services, to become an integral part of the efficient operational and commercial success of every voyage.

From a commercial perspective our local sales management will work with our principal to establish a local sales plan to fit with the overall sales objectives of the line and the agreed service proposition for the local market. We will prepare and execute a detailed shipping plan drawing on our existing relationships in the market, captive business from other SKSS divisions, and the underlying market dynamics of the country in question.

From an operational perspective our team of local operational and financial experts will ensure that the costs are reduced and vessel turn-around is as fast as possible, with our staff constantly striving to raise the bar.

Our customised Liner agency software application allows for the efficient and accurate handling of agency functions, and our strong focus on HSSE and Quality ensure we match and exceed our principalís expectations in this increasingly important aspect of doing business in the 21 st Century.

Whether you are looking for an agent in Africa, South America, Australasia or in the Middle East, SKSS has the experience, the infrastructure and the expertise to add real value to your business.

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Sree Krishna Maritime Services has long proven expertise in operating Liner Services. We offer both container liner services and break bulk liner services. We have successfully introduced new liner mainline operators in India who have become market leaders.

Sree Krishna Maritime Services also operates a break bulk liner service between west coast India and Middle East Gulf and Red Sea Ports.

Sree Krishna Maritime Services offers following Liner Shipping Services:

  Contact management with shippers and consignees
  Port and customs authorities co-ordination
  Stevedores information
  Tally and supervision services
  Clearing and delivery of ship spare parts
  Crew change arrangements
  Bunkering services
  Vendor contracts
  Ship handling assistance
  Principal's fund management
Stevedoring Services

By virtue of its strong local relationships and huge cargo volumes handled Sree Krishna Maritime Services is in a position to negotiate cost effective deals for its principals and propose the most reliable and efficient Stevedoring companies for smooth and fast cargo work. We offer Stevedoring Services in India.

We have contacts with well established Stevedoring companies that possess technological equipment and ensure high quality handling.

The company also has a panel of approved survey companies to render tally and supervision services in order to avoid claims and disputes.
Ship Husbanding and Deck Services
Ship Husbanding and Deck Services

We have a panel of approved suppliers chosen on the basis of their reliability & capacity to offer competitive prices and good quality supplies required for our ship husbanding services. We are leading providers of ship husbanding services and ship deck services.Ship Husbanding and Deck Services

We arrange following supplies as per Principal's/ship owner's requirements:

Fresh water
Ship stores, spare parts and repair facilities

Sree Krishna Maritime Services agents look into the needs of the vessels, their crew, and their cargo at reasonable cost. Complete services can be arranged for the vessels docking at any hour of the day.
Roro Shipping

Sree Krishna Maritime Services is an established name in its sphere of operation. Armed with the best equipment, best personnel and years of know-how, it ensures a damage free and efficient handling of vehicles within the port area. We offer Roro Shipping Services in India.

The company is providing value-added transport services to meet the increasing demands in logistics and transportation. It's experience around the world also ensures appropriate and accurate segregation of marking of the vehicles for different ports thus simplifying shipping.

Project Cargo Services

We at Sree Krishna Maritime Services handle all types of project cargoes in India. We have experienced specialised personnel for Cargo Handling Services and have access to the full range of material handling equipment. We offer project cargo handling services from India.

We arrange all kinds of material transportation aids for sea and overland operations at reasonable prices and terms. Our fleet includes:

Heavy lift trucks

Our principal carriers have been carrying heavy and medium duty cargo like:

Steel pipes
Heavy machinery equipment
Rig legs, port cranes
LPG tanks
Dredging pipes
Gas pipelines

Information Services

We closely monitor international trade of India and gather information on exports and imports. We give market information services to our Principals tailor-made to heir specific requirements. We also monitor economic and regulatory developments in India, particularly in the fields of shipping and keep our principals fully apprised so that they do not get any unpleasant surprises for their voyage economics.

There can be a lot of information which owners or principals must know. For example there can be laws related to registration of ships in their home ports, with details of where and when they were built, capacity. There are laws related to trade through ships, export and import laws in which one needs to be adept. We keep ourselves abreast with the government regulations, policies and international laws. We conduct an indepth research of the market conditions and form analysis. We make reports on market conditions and these serve as ready reckoners for our principals.

Shipbroking Services

We offer comprehensive shipbroking and commercial ship management services to our customers. We have at our disposal highly qualified, experienced ship brokers with international exposure for the purpose. The team of brokers is assisted by dedicated and hard working executives to ensure perfect post fixture documentation and follow-up. We have a well experienced team of cargo ship brokers and we provides shipbroking services India.

Our approach to the shipbroking encompasses near complete commercial management in contrast to a limited role played by the traditional broker. We practically act as an extended arm of our Principal's office taking care of all the activities viz identification and fixing of a suitable vessel, liaison with the agents, shippers and receivers, a careful review and examination of the documentation to fully protect the interests of our Principals.

At each stage, we keep a close touch with the principals taking instructions and authorisation. We ensure smooth and trouble free voyage/time charter performance. This enables our principal to concentrate on their trading activities. The same is true when we fix cargoes for our close owners and operators.

Our expert shipbroking team is always at your service to ensure that Principal's vessels opening in and around India get the best possible fixtures/employments. By virtue of our close relationships with Indian shippers and consignees we can offer cargoes to our Principals directly and guide on terms and conditions.

We are also listed on the Transchart (Govt of India) panel of approved shipbrokers to enable us offer dry and wet cargoes belonging to govt companies to our principals.

Canvassing and Marketing

We do vigorous canvassing and marketing based on in-depth research in order to generate business for our principals. We keep a track of latest government policies and study market conditions. We keep ourselves abreast with regional economic progress and do the detailed analysis of market conditions and supply these vital inputs to our principals. This helps them in formulating business policies for their organisation and take quick decisions.

We have established a vast network of ship owners/ operators, shippers and consignees and have also maintained a database on various cargo, routes and ship types. With a focus on complete broking services, we have a professional pool with immense talent. These professionals are highly qualified and have years of experience in catering to the needs of different customers.

Functioning in a highly service-intensive industry has made us aware about importance of quality people. Our core team of senior and middle level management personnel, comprises of qualified and experienced professionals. The team plans and looks ahead to anticipate areas of potential difficulties and initiates timely and suitable action to avoid problems.

Besides this, we offer a host of information services related to government policies, market conditions, regional economic progress, project development information and commercial information services.

We offer Ocean Shipping Services in India.
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