Sree Krishna Maritime Services’ Command, Control, Communications, Computers 

and Intelligence  services provide the necessary support and coordination to 

enable global operations.
Sree Krishna Maritime Services’ Command, Control, Communications, Computers 

and Intelligence  services provide the necessary support and coordination to 

enable global operations.
Sree Krishna Shipping Services is the only all-in-one Maritime & Shipping Concierge Service in India serving the varieties of Shipping Companies, Training Institutes, Service Agencies and Government Organizations in India.

Sree Krishna Shipping Services is the world's leading marine services provider. Through its alliance, partnership, franchise and MOU network of some 255 offices employing over 3,500 people across 66 territories, SKSS provides its customers with an unparalleled global resource delivered locally and tailored to each customer's individual needs.

Its diversified customer base includes clients across the oil, cruise, container and bulk commodity sectors as well as serving naval, government and inter-governmental clients. Additionally, SKSS provides landside commercial and humanitarian logistics, transit, offshore support and other associated marine services.

The Company also provides a growing range of outsourcing services. These include global crew and marine spares logistics; port agency management and commercial representation; and sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning solutions through its Technical Division and other associated services.
Members News
Members News
Concierge Services for families
Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge offers affordable concierge service, personal assistant Concierge Services for familiesservices to individuals, families, residential and small businesses. With just one phone call or e-mail, you may request our help on practically anything from errands, shopping, research, computer and network support, travel, pet and house sitting and family event planning.

Concierge Services
For the Individual
Life can be hectic. We can help put balance back into your daily life by completing may of the items on your ever growing "To-Do" list. By hiring Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge, we help to create time, eliminate stress and give you peace of mind at the end of the day. As a “can do” concierge we will work with great tenacity to get your request completed in a timely manner.

For Business
Need an extra set of hands but don't want the hassle of hiring a part time employee or the hit and miss in quality of hiring a temp. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge can be an inexpensive quality alternative to any immediate need your business might have.

Concierge Service Prices and Fees

Below is a partial list of the concierge and errand services we offer. If you have a need which isn't listed, please send us a request and we will contact you to get the details needed to provide excellent service and complete the task.

Errand Services
•Laundry Pick-up and Delivery
•Prescription Delivery
•Video Rental and Return
•Return/Exchange Items

Home Management Services
•Modified Home Sitting
•Utility Set-Up/Coordination
•Cable/Repair Technician Waiting & Scheduling Service
•Home Maintenance
•Travel Arrangements/Vacation Planning
•Restaurant/Hotel Reservations and Recommendations

Pet Services
•Pet Sitting
•Dog Walking
•Pet Transportation & Appointments for Grooming and Veterinarian

Personal Shopping
•Grocery Shopping
•Gift Shopping
•Corporate Gifts
•Floral/Gift Basket Delivery
•Purchase Gift Certificates
•Meal Delivery

Auto Concierge
•Take vehicle in for detail/maintenance and deliver car back to home or office
•Pick up vehicle from airport and bring back upon return home
•Transportation Arrangements

Event Planning
•Adult/Children Birthdays
•Weddings and Showers
•Business Events/Meetings
•Romantic Evening/Weekend Getaways
•Hire Caterer, Florist, Photographer, etc.
•Holiday Decorating
•Venue Research

I/T Service Prices and Fees

Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge offers a wide variety of I/T services and support for both business clients and home users.

Below is a list of I/T Services and Support we offer. If you have a need which isn't listed, please send us a request and we will contact you to get the details needed to provide excellent service and complete the task.

Business Services

Microsoft Server 2003 & 2008 Installation and Support

Vmware ESX Server Installation and Support

WAN, LAN and Wireless Networking Support

Website Design

Home Computer Services

Computer repair and upgrades

Virus, spyware and malware removal

Training on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7

Wireless network setup

Wireless security audit and configuration

"Peace of Mind" Home Sitting
"Peace of Mind" Home Sitting Packages
Monthly Package
Your Home is in Good Hands with Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge
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If you are going on a short trip, an extended vacation, a seasonal visitor here part of the year or have rental property which needs looking after, Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge’s “Peace of Mind” Home Sitting service can relieve the worry of being away from your property.

You will have the choice of receiving regular reports via email, fax or telephone. If you desire we can provide photos or a video as part of the inspection. SAMPLE INSPECTION REPORT


Monthly Cost

Monthly (1 visit)


Bi-Weekly (2 visits)


Weekly (4 visits)


Standard “Peace of Mind” Inspection includes:


o ✓ Checking that all external access in locked and secure
o ✓ Checking for any maintenance issues such as cracks, roof damage, leaks and wind damage
o ✓ Inspecting the pool and/or spa and related equipment insuring maintenance per contractor agreement
o ✓ Inspect Lawn and Landscaping is being maintained per contractor agreements
o ✓ Inspect A/C equipment
o ✓ Note any preventative maintenance needs


o ✓ Inspect for any pest infestations
o ✓ Inspect A/C equipment and monitor conditions in the home per seasonal requirements.
o ✓ Inspect and change A/C air filter as needed
o ✓ Inspect plumbing - check for leaks, flush toilets and run faucets
o ✓ Inspect Water Heater
o ✓ Check for any mold or mildew
o ✓ Bring in any mail and retrieve any newspapers.
o ✓ Check appliances

Custom Services

We can customize your “Peace of Mind” inspections to suit your special needs. The following is a partial list of services we can provide along with our Peace of Mind Home Sitting service. These additional services will be billed at standard Al A Carte rates.

o ✓ Preparing your home for your arrival
o ✓ Closing up your home after your departure
o ✓ Stocking your home with groceries prior to your return
o ✓ Meeting with service providers or contractors
o ✓ Contact person for your alarm company
o ✓ Securing home for an oncoming storm or hurricane
o ✓ Meeting deliveries
o ✓ Pet sitting

Pet Services

We at Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge are animal lovers and owners ourselves. Our pets are loved members of our family. Many times our busy lives and the other commitments we have don't allow us to provide all the care and attention our pets need. Sree Krishna Maritime Concierge offers pet sitting and walking services that can help fill that gap. We can provide the extra care or attention your pet desires while you are away or during the day while at work.

Walking Services

Does your pet need additional exercise during the day while your at work?

In-Home Pet Sitting

Our in-home pet sitting service allows your pet stay in a familiar and safe surroundings, right at home!. There is no need to find and schedule a kennel in advance. Greatly reduce the chance of your beloved pet catching kennel cough or picking up fleas while staying in a public kennel. We provides the love, attention and care your pet needs while your away. You can enjoy your trip more knowing that your pet is safe and cared for.

When you schedule in-home pet sitting services with us, we will provide a daily email while your away, assuring you all is well. If you would prefer a phone call, that can easily be arranged. Your peace of mind and your pets care and safety is our top concern!

Combining Other Services - Pet Sitting and Home Sitting

Going a way for a longer period? We can easily combine our services for you, assuring while you are away, your pet and home are in good hands!

* ◆ Daily Walks
* ◆ Daily feeding and fresh water
* ◆ Pets to the groomer
* ◆ Collecting mail and newspapers
* ◆ Garbage/recyclables brought to the street on your designated day and empty cans returned
* ◆ Watering your plants
* ◆ Lawn maintenance
* ◆ Watering the lawn or monitoring the irrigation system
* ◆ Stocking the refrigerator with items from an approved list before you arrive home from vacation
* ◆ Swimming pool monitoring and maintenance
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