Sree Krishna Maritime Services’ Command, Control, Communications, Computers 

and Intelligence  services provide the necessary support and coordination to 

enable global operations.
Sree Krishna Maritime Services’ Command, Control, Communications, Computers 

and Intelligence  services provide the necessary support and coordination to 

enable global operations.
Sree Krishna Shipping Services is the only all-in-one Maritime & Shipping Concierge Service in India serving the varieties of Shipping Companies, Training Institutes, Service Agencies and Government Organizations in India.

Sree Krishna Shipping Services is the world's leading marine services provider. Through its alliance, partnership, franchise and MOU network of some 255 offices employing over 3,500 people across 66 territories, SKSS provides its customers with an unparalleled global resource delivered locally and tailored to each customer's individual needs.

Its diversified customer base includes clients across the oil, cruise, container and bulk commodity sectors as well as serving naval, government and inter-governmental clients. Additionally, SKSS provides landside commercial and humanitarian logistics, transit, offshore support and other associated marine services.

The Company also provides a growing range of outsourcing services. These include global crew and marine spares logistics; port agency management and commercial representation; and sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning solutions through its Technical Division and other associated services.
Members News
Members News
Ship Husbanding and Deck Services
Sree Krishna Maritime Services agents look into the needs of the vessels, their crew, and their cargo at reasonable cost. Complete services can be Ship Husbanding and Deck Servicesarranged for the vessels docking at any hour of the day.
Roro Shipping

Sree Krishna Maritime Services is an established name in its sphere of operation. Armed with the best equipment, best personnel and years of know-how, it ensures a damage free and efficient handling of vehicles within the port area. We offer Roro Shipping Services in India.

The company is providing value-added transport services to meet the increasing demands in logistics and transportation. It's experience around the world also ensures appropriate and accurate segregation of marking of the vehicles for different ports thus simplifying shipping.
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Cargo Services
Our business is about more than moving cargo. It's about transporting value making it available to people whenever and wherever they want. Cargo Services
Our mission is to provide an innovative and comprehensive range of sea cargo services of consistently high quality to our customers.

By understanding the requirements of our customers we pursue this mission in partnership with our sub-contractors through the teamwork of our staff and ongoing investment in information technology.

We are constantly updating our systems to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of technology with the latest industry standard software/online services.

Essential ingredients in meeting our objectives are the commitment, conscientiousness, experience, expertise and dedication of our staff. Therefore the policy of the company is to provide the optimum working environment, training and all the necessary resources to enable our staff to service our customer's needs.

Sree Krishna Maritime Services is a leading, independent Swiss logistics company with over 1000 employees worldwide. The group is operational in 58 locations in 23 countries with its own companies, and has a global network of partners.

Sree Krishna Maritime Services along with our Asian Partners enjoy a position at very highest level within the Asian import and export market to /from India

Our service is tailored to each client driven by our huge buying power and individual service, offering importers the best price and the highest service levels.

This is apparent in our market leading IT plataforms SIS (Shipment Information System) which gives Irish importers unparalleled visibility of all their cargo from day of booking right through to vessel arrival in Ireland. It even allows shipping documents to be printed after day of sailing Ex Asia e.g Bill Of Lading, in one screen importers and exporters can see all their cargo from all ports online anywhere in the World 24/7, 365 days a year.
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Fleet Management
Fleet Management
Technical Architecture
Commercial Management
Disbursement Management
Fleet Management
Financial Management
Liner Management
Professional Services
Fleet Management

The ShipNet Fleet Management Solution is a fully integrated Ship Management Solution where ease-of-use and maintenance have been paramount for its success. The flexible and scalable Solution allows our Customers to have a structured and controlled fleet-deployment. Configuring the system according to each individual company’s requirements and processes makes system recognition easier and thereby ensures better adoption by the end users. The Complete Solution includes: - Planned Maintenance, Inventory control, Procurement, Safety and QA Management, Crew and Financial Administration, Distribution and Replication systems.

Highlights and benefits
System configuration according your specific needs and requirements
User definable workflow rules
User definable screens
Complete Ship/Shore replication (with file compression) providing complete fleet overview on shore
Complete integration via purchasing through to accounting
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