Health, Safety & Environment Policy

HSE Policy

It is a primary and continuing policy of Sree Krishna Maritime that in conducting our activities we will endeavor to protect the health and safety of our employees and others that may be affected by these activities. We shall endeavour to limit the adverse affects on the physical environment in which our activities are carried out. We are committed to high HSE standards and will ensure that our HSE performance is integrated into our business obligations and considerations. We will ensure that our contractors have adequate HSE plans and programmes in place.

As responsible community members we believe that accidents and incidents which can or may affect our employees, other people, the environment or our assets can be prevented.

We believe that good management can ensure that risks are calculated, occupational illnesses avoided, all accidental losses minimised and the environment protected against emissions and wastes caused by our activities.

We shall comply with relevant legislation in those geographical areas where our work is performed, and strive to improve working and environmental conditions. This shall include enhancing HSE performance where possible and reasonably practicable. We shall endeavour to use best industry practices and standards where these will improve HSE performance.

The President of the company is responsible for ensuring implementation of this policy and providing the necessary resources for implementation of the element. The resources shall be adequate and readily available. All other managers, and supervisors are accountable for the HSE risks in their area, they shall ensure the risks are identified and control measures implemented to minimise them. All employees are responsible for implementing the requirements of this policy, they are expected to contribute to the management system using the methods and systems detailed in this document.

Training shall be provided at all levels to ensure this policy, the HSEMS, and the expectations and responsibilities associated with the implementation of the HSEMS are commonly known at all levels of the work force.

All safety, health and environment regulations, management systems, emergency and contingency procedures, operating procedures, standards and training shall comply with this policy. This policy shall apply to all projects and locations and specifically includes fabrication and offshore operations.

This policy shall apply to all contracted services employed by Sree Krishna Maritime. The implementation of this policy shall follow the detailed arrangements contained in this document, implementation shall be followed up and monitored to ensure compliance. Everybody who works for Sree Krishna Maritime, anywhere, is responsible for getting HSE right. Good HSE performance and the health, safety and security of everyone who works for the Company are critical to the success of its business.

Sree Krishna Maritime’s HSE goals are simply stated:

no accidents
no harm to people
no damage to the environment
The Company will continue to improve the environmental and health impact of its operations by reducing waste, emissions and discharges, and using energy efficiently. It will produce quality products that can be used safely by its customers. It will have a clear international shipping policy.

All leaders within the Company will be held accountable for accomplishing the HSE goals by demonstrating correct HSE behaviors, by clearly defining HSE roles and responsibilities, by providing needed resources and by measuring, reviewing and continuously improving Sree Krishna Maritime’s HSE performance.
SKMS strives to be one of the most sought after Shipping Company in the West African Sub-region and beyond.  Internationally, Rangk Ltd is establishing links and registering her presence in the Far East (Rangk Singapore) and in the Caribeans – Afromarine Company Ltd of Gibralta. On Maritime Consultancy, the Company targets being a virtual one-stop centre for a multiple of maritime work advice and data.

Our Mission

To be the Trail Blazer in the Nigerian Maritime Industry and to excel by all Industry standards at all times.
To show highest commitment to Health, Safety and Environment Standards.
To provide Safe, Reliable and Efficient marine transportation.
Recognising the integral role of employees and providing fulfilling environment for their contribution to promote the growth and expansion of shipping as the catalyst sector of the Nigerian Economy.
To add value to the environment and to the society.
Having contributed to the birth of both the Cabotage Law and the Local content policy of the Federal Government, to show the way and assist in the full implementation of the regimes in the interest of the country.

Quality Assurance

As part of our Quality Assurance objectives for total customer satisfaction, SKMS has Quality Control Systems in place.

These are built around Plans, Procedures and Management systems.

Safety being a critical operational parameter for us we have an HSE Policy, HSE Procedures, HSE Plan including Emergency Response Plans all of which are serviced, sustained and enhanced by our HSE Training Programmes. We conduct HSE Audits to ensure compliance.

Management Reviews

Bi-annual Management Reviews are conducted to examine Customer feedbacks and equipment availability over the preceding six months, Non Conformances received and their Closing Out, Spares in Stock Levels, Classification Society recommendations, Docking Cycles preparations, and Document Control.

Since the ultimate goal is Customer Satisfaction, corrective actions, continuous improvement processes via Internal Audit are emphasized.

We are pursuing ISO 9001:2000 Certification in order to have third-party endorsement of our Quality system.

SKMS commits itself to providing adequate resources and training to its personnel, whether shore-based or on board ships, to meet the requirements of our Quality Assurance Policy. It ensures that all personnel understand the policy and urges them to do everything possible to implement the same at all times.
HSE Policy
HSE Policy
HSE Policy

SKMHS is dedicated to :

Effective HSE Management, with the highest standards of Services to its Clients”


“Safe and Efficient standards of operation, that complies, with the international standards, relevant guidelines and regulations which will continue to be the strongest element of marketing of our services.”

The two key words :

Efficiency - Doing things right…. The first time.

Effectiveness - Doing the right thing first.

SKMHS HSE objectives are :

To provide for safe practices in operations in a Healthy and Safe working

Minimise risks where possible.

Mitigate unacceptable risks.

Continuously improve HSE skills and performance.

SKMHS is committed to prevent accidents, incidents and damage to personnel, equipment and the environment
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