Sree Krishna Maritime Services’ Command, Control, Communications, Computers 

and Intelligence  services provide the necessary support and coordination to 

enable global operations.
Sree Krishna Maritime Services’ Command, Control, Communications, Computers 

and Intelligence  services provide the necessary support and coordination to 

enable global operations.
Sree Krishna Shipping Services is the only all-in-one Maritime & Shipping Concierge Service in India serving the varieties of Shipping Companies, Training Institutes, Service Agencies and Government Organizations in India.

Sree Krishna Shipping Services is the world's leading marine services provider. Through its alliance, partnership, franchise and MOU network of some 255 offices employing over 3,500 people across 66 territories, SKSS provides its customers with an unparalleled global resource delivered locally and tailored to each customer's individual needs.

Its diversified customer base includes clients across the oil, cruise, container and bulk commodity sectors as well as serving naval, government and inter-governmental clients. Additionally, SKSS provides landside commercial and humanitarian logistics, transit, offshore support and other associated marine services.

The Company also provides a growing range of outsourcing services. These include global crew and marine spares logistics; port agency management and commercial representation; and sophisticated Enterprise Resource Planning solutions through its Technical Division and other associated services.
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Members News
Marine and Offshore engineering consulting
Offshore Engineering deals with analysis, design and construction of structures and pipelines in a marine environment for the production and transmission of oil and gas. Offshore engineers design and install offshore platforms, marine risers, offshore mining pipe, articulated tower etc. Offshore engineers are involved in the design of dredging equipment for land reclamation, maintenance and the recovery of embedded minerals in deep-sea locations. Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic analysis of offshore structures is very essential. Good knowledge of applied mechanics and fluid mechanics is very much required for offshore engineering. Offshore engineering also Marine and Offshore engineering consultinginvolves analysis and design for coastal developments. One can say that Offshore Engineering is a cooperation between Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology.

The Marine and Offshore Department of Sree Krishna Maritime in collaborations with industry professionals can fulfill the required tasks in the following categories wholly or partly, depending on the clients’ specifications and requirements, at its best levels of quality:

- Total Electrical Lighting, Cabling and Power Distribution solution including Design, equipment supply and Installation
- Total Accommodation and Living Quarters Solution including Design, Supply and Installation
- Total Solution provider for MCPS / ICCP/ MGPS
- Performing Ship and Wreck salvage tasks
- Performing of underwater cabling and pipe laying projects
- Performing of Dredging and specialty dredging like Mud removal and restoration of Dams
- Underwater Inspections
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Sree Krishna Maritime Spill Management Services
Sree Krishna Maritime Spill Management Services personnel have provided Sree Krishna Maritime Spill Management ServicesSpill Management Team (SMT) type services prior to and since the inception of OPA '90. In-house, Maritime Alliance Group has more practical "hands-on" experience than any other service provider.

Maritime Alliance Group's eight (8) full-time staff members, supported by additional administrative personnel and network field responders, currently provide casualty response planning, training and incident response to the owners and insurers of approximately 45,000 vessels. A nationwide network of over 40 response professionals to serve on our team and act as nationwide correspondents supports our staff. We can place a Marine Spill Manager on-site within 2 hours of incident notification, anywhere within the United States or Canada. The maintained network personnel are all actively engaged on a full-time basis responding to casualties in the commercial maritime industry.
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Surveyors & Adjusters
It is recognised that many clients see the attending surveyor to be the face of their insurer and expect the surveyor to have all the answers.
We are always careful to bear this in mind and assist where we can but will always refer questions relating to policy or liability response, coverage, Surveyors & Adjustersterms and conditions and the like to our principals for action.
Unless specifically instructed we will never confirm claim or liability acceptance with the client.

Extent of survey
We understand that insurers and other principals may have guidelines as to the extent of surveyors' work. Manu Marine will always accept definite instructions as the limit of the work required. These may be one or more, for example, of the following:-For insurers (eg cargo, hull, pleasurecraft):
Conduct a damage survey only and report on cause, nature and extent of the loss.
Report on claimant's actions regarding recovery rights and mitigation.
Assist the claimant in protecting recovery rights and assist in the mitigation process
All of the above plus review the insured’s final claim statement with comment on its attachment to the casualty
All of the above with provision of an adjustment for consideration under the terms and conditions of the policy.
By default and unless otherwise instructed we will provide reports and carry out 1, 2, 3 and 4 above. For third party liability interests:-
Conduct a damage survey only and report on cause, nature and extent of the loss. <
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