Government Services

Your Global Logistics Force Multiplier

With a dedicated Government Services team located alongside global and regional combatant headquarters, SKSS is at the forefront of NATO and Coalition defense forces deployment logistics.

Across a global network of SKSS Offices and accredited sub-agents, SKSS provides ISO-9001:2000 service and solutions. We are the industry leader in process and technology innovations linking SKSS and customer field operations to central staff in the delivery of rapid and discreet response, maintaining OPSEC at all times:

Port Operations Fully servicing ships and aircraft and their cargo, passengers and crew.

Integrated Logistics - Coordinating current supplies and services chains, supplementing requirements with local capacity and transport

Base Operations - Equipment, material and supplies, supervision, labour and other construction and installation services at rear and forward operating sites.

Exercise and Humanitarian Response - In-theatre logistics in support of planned operations and disaster relief.
Work With Us

If you would like to work with SKSS Government Services as a sub contractor please contact our Global Contracts Team at
The brief scope of work would be as follows:-
i. Keep you fully informed about the projects coming up in the various departments of the Government of India relating to your organization.
ii. To extend necessary assistance to the department where ever possible to frame the specifications giving merits of your products over the competitors with your complete support but within the frame work of policy of Govt. of India.
iii To keep you informed about the tenders floated by the various departments of Government and to work on the projects on which lead provided by you.
iv. Assist you in preparation of the bids where ever required.
v. Follow up of tenders closely; keeping fully informed to the Government officials about the merits of your products-equipment-project over the other bidders; to convince the Government for eliminations of those bidders not meeting the conditions-merits etc.
vi. Arranging meeting with the top bureaucrats to put before the merits of your projects – products.
vii. To convince the Government to accept the CONCEPT OF NEW PROJECTS OF YOUR ORGANIZATION to be included in the plans of the Government for implementation.
viii. To work as an extended arm to your organization for the promotion of your project sales and inter-act wit the department
Packers & Movers / Passenger Baggage Handling
Our wide expertise in the field allows us to provide efficient and quick packing Passenger Baggage Handlingand moving services of all kinds of goods and cargo to any part of the world as required by our clients. Our experienced team members are adept in packaging techniques of different products, depending on their fragility and make sure that no damage is caused to them under any circumstances. Moreover, our well established relations with transportation agents helps us in timely delivering the goods to the required destination, be it domestic or international. We offer the best baggage handling system with in affordable ranges.Our company have great experience and professional team.We always offer wide variety and low range services.So,if you have any requirements just contact for more information.
Posted on 09 Dec 2010 by Shiny Wilson
Government Liaison Services
We are one of the most result oriented organization having extended CORPORATE LIAISON SERVICES since 1988 to our various clients including Multi-national Companies as mentioned in our web site Government Liaison Services Our website is more elaborate on the Medical Industry having extended the professional Liaison Services as at one time the business-revenue was more in this Industry. We are extremely comfortable in inter-acting with the various Ministries of the Government of India / State Governments as well as the Semi-Government Organizations for the sales promotion of our associates. We are more comfortable in working on projects of high value with the Government Departments for our associates; leading to 100% results. We are always keen to convert the concept of a high value project of our associates into plan program of the Government Letter of Intent. Providing leads for the projects floated by the Government of India subsequent follow up resulting into award of contract is the main approach of our professional services. The brief scope of work would be as follows:-Sree Krishna Shipping, Hospitality and Concierge Services has been associated with various Multinational Organizations for successful completion of their projects in India. During this span of 14 years most of the Multinational Organizations have been in touch with us directly or through their agents in India. We prove to be a helping hand in the development of Hospitals. Nationally hospitals have particularly benefited financially through our services. Our job took us to almost all the States of India to provide valuable recommendations for final approval from The Government of India from Delhi.
Posted on 03 Dec 2010 by Padmalayam Krishnan