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As each year goes by, the burden on the shipowner or manager seems to become heavier and heavier. Regulations, particularly those regarding crew training, are now extremely onerous as are the penalties when things go wrong.

The shore based employees of owners and managers now need extensive training to ensure that their companies are conforming to a whole raft of national and international regulations and conventions such as the MLC (Maritime Labour Convention) 2006 and the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, known better as the STCW Code. Companies have in place various training programmes for their seafarers designed to avoid almost every conceivable type of accident from collisions to personal injuries and errors leading to incidents such as oil spills. Never has there been a greater need to train, and that of course includes training the trainers so that they can do their jobs properly.

SKMS provides maritime training materials for oil, gas and chemical tankers, container, refrigerated cargo, passenger and roll-on, roll-off ships, offshore operations, pilots, surveyors, port and terminal operators, and more. It began making training products for the marine industry in 1973, at a time when major shipping companies needed to improve their onboard training and IMCO, the forerunner of the IMO (International Maritime Organization), wanted to see high quality training materials supplied to maritime colleges, especially in the developing countries.
Available in a multitude of formats, SKMS training programmes can be used by individual seafarers in their cabins, in classrooms or by managers in their offices. Many are also valuable as support material for the designated Safety Officer when holding the now statutory onboard training sessions.

Moving with the times

Of course, where IT is concerned, nothing stands still; indeed, quite the contrary. So while SKMS products are still available in VHS tape format for those ships which still have VCRs and as DVDs and CD-Roms for more up to date equipment including desk and laptop computers, SKMS now offers VOD (Videos on Demand) and also NVOD (Network Videos on Demand).

VOD is a computer system capable of carrying over 300 selected videos, CBT Computer Based Training) interactives and courses at any one time, containing the relevant training packages for the shipowner’s operational areas. It therefore offers a comprehensive and affordable solution to crew training and records the actual training conducted on board ship.

The VOD system comes with its own computer screen, keyboard and mouse. It is easy to install and once on board can be used to lead training sessions or for independent study.

VOD incorporates OTMplus (Onboard Training Manager Plus) which exports training data to company specific management systems and for additional support, FTA (Fleet Training Administrator) is available as its shore based partner.

Moving to networking

With many modern ships built recently, especially cruise vessels, owners are now incorporating computer networking capabilities into their onboard IT systems. With passenger vessels, there is an increasing expectation that Internet access should be available from individual cabins just as it is from most hotel rooms ashore. Although this is expensive to provide, it can also be a useful revenue generator.

Recognising this, SKMS has introduced NVOD, a remarkably innovative and modern training delivery system that provides SKMS videos, interactive CBT and courses across a ship’s network, allowing crew to access training from multiple computers in multiple locations.

This training no longer needs to be done on a single machine or on an allocated computer. The NVOD server box is kept on board in a secure location such as a locked cupboard. Not only does this prevent tampering but it keeps everything in one place to simplify its management.
Custom Made Training
SKMS is a way for us to impart knowledge and expertise to our customers by drawing on the decades of accumulated experience, research and Custom Made Trainingdevelopment that SKMS has accrued globally. SKMS, an integral part of SKMS Maritime Services, India was established in year 2008 is offering wide range of training courses (standard and customized) for the maritime industry practitioners to meet their specific needs.

SKMS provide systematic training with focus on enrichment and development of skills of shipbuilding engineers, ship owners/managers, shipboard officers, ship design institutions, maritime industry manufacturers and other maritime related institutions.

Managing Risk through people

To truly manage risk, you have to understand the human element. Managing risk begins with implementing the right processes, and processes are created for and based on people. Raising the competence of those that are the key pieces in the puzzle is crucial. Increasing your capability to manage risk is prevalent in every aspect of what SKMS offers and an integrated element in every training course. We teach skills and help build competence levels. Moreover we work to make each participant more capable, motivated and empower them to implement changes and improvements.

SKMS-01 Hull Structure - Tanker 2 On Demand
SKMS-02 Hull Inspection - Bulker/Tanker 1 On Demand
SKMS-03 Hull Structure- Bulker 2 On Demand
SKMS-04 Accident/Incident Investigation 2 On Demand
SKMS-05 ISM/ISPS Internal Auditor 3 On Demand
SKMS-06 Internal Auditor Course - ISM+ISO9001+ISO14001+ OHSAS18001 4 On Demand
SKMS-07 MLC 2006 Introduction 1 On Demand
SKMS-08 MLC 2006 Awareness 2 On Demand
SKMS-09 Marine Risk Assessment 2 On Demand
SKMS-10 Lead Auditor Course - ISM + ISO9001 + ISO14001 + OHSAS18001 5 On Demand
SKMS-11 ISM Lead Auditor 4 On Demand
SKMS-12 Hull Thickness Measurement for UTM Companies 3 On Demand
SKMS-13 SKMS Class Systematic & Regulatory Requirements 3 On Demand
SKMS-14 Port State Control 1 On Demand
SKMS-15 Energy Management System 3 On Demand
SKMS-16 Coating Systems 5 On Demand
Posted on 08 Dec 2010 by Christina Fernandez
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