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Based on innovation, excellence and know-how we intend to continue to improve on our operational, financial and geographical position as the world's leading Maritime Services Company. Our four business streams; Marine Services, Government Services, Cargo Services and ERP Services will each continue to grow above average and in addition act as the foundation for developing a set of logistics, procurement and outsourcing services, enabling us to deliver, to our client base, an Enterprise Value Proposition, which in turn will provide our shareholders with a sustainable financial return in line with expectations.


To reach the highest standards we depend on our people, their welfare, training and expertise. We foster strong ethical values and a team spirit that rewards commitment, loyalty and initiative. Our foundation for developing our people is securely anchored in health and safety policies and respect for the environment which in turn ensures our commitment to excellence, accountability, honesty and transparency.


Continuing to grow our global Marine Services business we will use the existing and future footprint as the foundation for expanding our Cargo and Government Services activities to include tailor-made procurement, outsourcing and logistics services such that we will extract maximum benefit from our network.

Sree Krishna Maritime Services (SKSS), is the world's largest independent shipping agency network, with a world-wide network over 255 offices spread across 47 countries, and brings together more than ten decades of cumulative experience of professionals with profound knowledge of shipping, freight forwarding and logistics from their respective backgrounds.

Port Agency ( Ship Services )

SKSS handles over 50000 port calls per annum and provides all port related marine services which includes charter agency, owners protecting agency, offshore services, crew changes, supply of shores and provision, cash to the master, arranging towage, etc.

Defense Services

We provide logistical support and procurement services for the various military operations. We are also agents for navy and coast guard agencies.

Liner Services

We are the general sales agents for various liner principal throughout the region.

Cargo Services


We have our own integrated network of offices in India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Iraq managed by our Regional Office in Dubai. SKSS is committed to delivering a range of quality-assured marine services to its clients across the industry. We take care to tailor those services to the individual needs of the client – whether a fully integrated global package, the handling of a local port call or the ad hoc delivery of a single spare part.

To reach the highest standards we depend on our people - their welfare, training and expertise. We foster strong ethical values and a team spirit that rewards commitment and initiative. By committing to excellence, accountability and transparency, SKSS can best serve its valued customers – efficiently and competitively. And in our race for excellence, there is no finish line!

Respect:For self and others
Customer Focus:To Treat all our customers as if they were the only customer.
Integrity:Adhere to moral and ethical principles; Conduct all business with unquestionable integrity.
Teamwork:Group support in the achievement of a common goal.
Fun:Work hard. Play hard.
About us
About us
About us
We support all six of our primary business segments with centralized corporate operations, including purchasing, human resources, information technology, About uspublic relations and advertising, training, travel and facilities development. In addition, we often provide vessel design, construction management and vessel management services for company-owned vessels that are chartered for use in our operating lines of business.

Our company was founded in 1992. The present structure, in which Sree Krishna Maritime Services serves as a holding company for business lines and all subsidiaries, was put in place in 2002.
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