Marine Solutions


K-Sec is  an India based service provider of offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities.Whether you are installing a platform in environmentally and physically demanding waters, or simply need engineering support, our offshore engineering team can help. We pride ourselves on offering advanced engineering solutions that are supported by decades of operational know-how. Our Capabilities include Feasibility and Proof of Concept Studies, Front-End Engineering Design, Project Cost Analysis and Heavy-Lift Transport Engineering and Project Management.

Dive Solutions


Our commercial divers go to the seabed to perform the delicate maneuvers required to put together, maintain, and disassemble offshore wells, rigs, and pipelines, everything from flipping flow valves, to tightening bolts with hydraulic jacks, to working in tight confines around a blowout preventer, becaause none of the remotely operated vehicles have the touch, maneuverability, or human judgment for the job. At this moment, all around the world, one of our commercial divers living at pressure inside saturation systems is doing one of these jobs, with all the ultra modern safety systems.

Marine Safety Solutions


We are primarily focusing on Maritime Security and Counter-Piracy Services, Armed and Unarmed Maritime Security, and the Security of Ports and Strategic Waterways. Given the growing problem of maritime piracy, particularly off the coast of Somalia, the Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean, we are developing this new directory. We also intend to incorporate here companies focusing on the offering of assistance with the implementation of the ISPS Code as well as those securing domestic ports and waterways prone to terorists and other political and economic disturbances..

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Crew Management

Crew management encompasses a broad range of activities covering the recruitment and selection, deployment, training, crew costs monitoring and ongoing management of the officers and ratings engaged on vessels under our management.

K-Ship manages its marine assets by focusing on quality and building up highly competent, motivated and loyal seagoing staff to man its ships. K-Ship recruits crew through owned and appointed network of agencies that is spread across the globe in all major crewing markets. This network extends to 30 offices located in the countries from which seafarers are recruited. These include India, Russia, Latvia and the Ukraine, as the primary sources.

Crew can be supplied for all ship types including crude oil tankers of all sizes, product and chemical tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and off-shore vessels.

K-Ship has one of best seafarer retention rates in the industry. This is achieved through having proper recruitment, remuneration, continual training and performance appraisal systems in place.

K-Ship organizes two Crew Seminars every year in Dubai involving intense knowledge sharing forums including in house speakers and inviting experts from outside. The seminar also provides opportunity for the crew to mingle with each other and the shore based staff.

The K-ShipGroup believes that well trained, well rewarded, contented crews and shore staff, are fundamental to well managed and safe ships. K-Ship Crew Management always strives to ensure the highest skills standards and competencies for both crews and shore staff. Maintaining this through career progression, innovation and constant communication. 

K-ShipCrew Management provides the highest quality crews and shore based personnel worldwide. K-Ship Crew Management is a major crew recruitment sources worldwide and has branches offices in Singapore, Philippines, India, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Myanmar, New Zealand and Australia. 

Teamwork, leadership and value-added training are the essential ingredients of quality crews. K-Shiphas built a large pool of dedicated personnel by a strong emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness, commitment and professionalism. A centralized database, networked throughout the group is updated on a continuous basis with medical, certification and other information including training records and crew appraisal results. 

A high crew retention rate has been achieved by regular communication and a commitment to staff well-being. By looking after the welfare our personnel and their families we facilitate trouble free sailing for our managed vessels. K-Ship Crew management supports internationally recognized maritime Unions and Organization which benefit seafarers, families and employers. We coordinate closely with the P&I Clubs for the expedient and amicable settlement of medical claims. Our team ensures that any infirm seafarer receives the appropriate medical attention to ensure a speedy recovery and a prompt return to work.   

K-Shi pCrew Management holds ISO 9001 and Crew Manning Office.

Private Recruitment and Placement Service based on the requirements of the Maritime Labor Convention 2006, Regulation 1.4 accreditation from Asia Pacific Register of Shipping  

K-Ship Group Training provides real and relevant training required to achieve the Group’s goals. As a result of the regular training and career path philosophy, highly competent crews can be retained. Continuous upgrading of crew and management skills improves their opportunities and rewards. This makes the individual comfortable and willing to continue their career with K-Ship Crew Management is involved in leading maritime training institutions in a number of countries. Our training policy is especially focused on attracting bright and energetic individuals to train as deck and engineering cadets with the potential to become future officers. K-Ship wants to ensure that our trainee officers not only receive training, but they are provided with a career path, meaning they can visualize a path to the most senior ranks. These people will also be a future source of senior shore staff for the client's we serve. 

No enterprise can operate without quality staff. K-Ship Crew Management Services is operated by highly experienced and motivated personnel with a deep sense of integrity. Thereby ensuring we achieve the highest standards. 

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