Marine Solutions


K-Sec is  an India based service provider of offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities.Whether you are installing a platform in environmentally and physically demanding waters, or simply need engineering support, our offshore engineering team can help. We pride ourselves on offering advanced engineering solutions that are supported by decades of operational know-how. Our Capabilities include Feasibility and Proof of Concept Studies, Front-End Engineering Design, Project Cost Analysis and Heavy-Lift Transport Engineering and Project Management.

Dive Solutions


Our commercial divers go to the seabed to perform the delicate maneuvers required to put together, maintain, and disassemble offshore wells, rigs, and pipelines, everything from flipping flow valves, to tightening bolts with hydraulic jacks, to working in tight confines around a blowout preventer, becaause none of the remotely operated vehicles have the touch, maneuverability, or human judgment for the job. At this moment, all around the world, one of our commercial divers living at pressure inside saturation systems is doing one of these jobs, with all the ultra modern safety systems.

Marine Safety Solutions


We are primarily focusing on Maritime Security and Counter-Piracy Services, Armed and Unarmed Maritime Security, and the Security of Ports and Strategic Waterways. Given the growing problem of maritime piracy, particularly off the coast of Somalia, the Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean, we are developing this new directory. We also intend to incorporate here companies focusing on the offering of assistance with the implementation of the ISPS Code as well as those securing domestic ports and waterways prone to terorists and other political and economic disturbances..

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New Building Supervision

K-Ship offers unparalleled, highly experienced newbuilding supervision services via an affiliated Group company, providing clients with a flexible solution for new building and conversion projects from pre-contract feasibility stage through to delivery, acceptance and contractual guarantee compliance. Supervision teams boast recent experience from projects at yards in 16 countries, including Brazil , Finland , Germany , Italy , Japan , South Korea , Norway , Russia , Singapore , Spain , Sweden , Ukraine, China and the USA .

We undertake full responsibility for newbuilding supervision including negotiation of specifications, plan approvals, manufacturers' list negotiation, supervision during construction, supervision of major and sub-contractors, site supervision projects and evaluation of sea trials.

K-Ship Shipmanagement has more than 20 years of newbuilding experience during which it has supervised the construction and delivery of over 90 vessels at shipyards in South Korea, China, Germany, Romania and Croatia.

All aspects of newbuilding supervision can be provided commencing with shipyard selection, design evaluation and finalisation of the vessel specifications according to latest standards and regulations.

Drawing approval, maker’s selection and overall supervision of projects is carried out by a dedicated team.

Site teams are established at the shipyard with every step being closely monitored to ensure the delivery of a quality vessel. The teams consist of experienced supervisors covering all major areas such as steel, mechanical, painting and electrical under the management of a Site Office Manager.

After the successful delivery of a vessel its performance is monitored and followed up for continuous improvement.

1. Services review of the outline specification

Review of the outline specification is done and a standard rating is given. The rating of the specification is generated using in-house software.

2. Review of the detailed specification

Once the shipyard gives a detailed specification, each section of the specification is reviewed by a specialist and comments are given for improvement. This also involves regular correspondence with the shipyard for implementing those improvements.

3. Cost negotiation with the shipyard

 Once the scope of modifications has been decided, we are involved in the cost negotiation with the shipyard for implementing those modifications.

4. Shipbuilding Contract Negotiations

We deal with this very promptly and with solid defense point functioning in favor of the owners.  We are very familiar with the shipbuilding contracts of Chinese, Korean and Japanese Shipbuilding contracts. 

5. Drawing Approval

Drawing approval involves review of the critical and general drawings. It is made sure that the drawings are in accordance with the contract specifications. Further modifications, if any, are also suggested.  We are well versed with Shipright for bulkers, USCG, IMO, OCIMF SIGTTO and ICS for all kind of tankers and CDI for chemical tankers. We also manage the complete rule compilation associated with our specific projects.

Site Project Management 

We have hands on experience of site management in various shipyards in Asia and Europe. We intend to put our diverse experience in expert day to day management of the site office to ensure good co-ordination between the owner and the shipyard.

We provide:

  • Hull, paint, outfitting and machinery supervision 
  • Pool of expert professional having very diverse experience in different shipyards.
  • Carried out plan approval and site advisory for LNG Carriers being built at SHI, HHI & DSME yards
  • Inclining Experiment and DWT Measurement
  • Sea Trials and Gas Trials
  • Scrutiny of all relevant structural analysis reports – ship’s hull, vibration and trim & stability
  • Launching and dry docking
  • Attending FATs of various equipment

The delivery of a newly built ship leads to a lot of paper work involving the shipyard, classification society and the flag state. This requires a thorough cross checking of various certificates and licenses at the time of delivery.

Our expertise in ship delivery also enables us to take care of initial storing required on board.

We are capable of providing a complete new building assistance right from the time an owner decides to buy a ship till the completely built ship sails out and serves her guarantee period.


Our members have vast experience of building new ships in various yards in Asia and Europe. We have also been actively involved in specification review for various types of ship.

  • Six countries spanning two continents
  • Specification review for different types of ships ranging from LNG Tankers, VLCCs, Capesize bulkers, Container carriers of 8400 TEU, Handy Size bulkers, oil tanker to 3750 bunker barges.

Once the ship is constructed, we have networked ship management companies within our joint ventures will take care of the vessel by taking care of the ship from the drawing board to its life through the high seas and the till the end of it services in scrap yard.

All enquiries will be treated confidentially and responded to immediately. 

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