Marine Solutions


K-Sec is  an India based service provider of offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities.Whether you are installing a platform in environmentally and physically demanding waters, or simply need engineering support, our offshore engineering team can help. We pride ourselves on offering advanced engineering solutions that are supported by decades of operational know-how. Our Capabilities include Feasibility and Proof of Concept Studies, Front-End Engineering Design, Project Cost Analysis and Heavy-Lift Transport Engineering and Project Management.

Dive Solutions


Our commercial divers go to the seabed to perform the delicate maneuvers required to put together, maintain, and disassemble offshore wells, rigs, and pipelines, everything from flipping flow valves, to tightening bolts with hydraulic jacks, to working in tight confines around a blowout preventer, becaause none of the remotely operated vehicles have the touch, maneuverability, or human judgment for the job. At this moment, all around the world, one of our commercial divers living at pressure inside saturation systems is doing one of these jobs, with all the ultra modern safety systems.

Marine Safety Solutions


We are primarily focusing on Maritime Security and Counter-Piracy Services, Armed and Unarmed Maritime Security, and the Security of Ports and Strategic Waterways. Given the growing problem of maritime piracy, particularly off the coast of Somalia, the Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean, we are developing this new directory. We also intend to incorporate here companies focusing on the offering of assistance with the implementation of the ISPS Code as well as those securing domestic ports and waterways prone to terorists and other political and economic disturbances..

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K-Ship is committed to providing the best possible customer service and to this end the company works in full compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. K-Ship was one of the first ship management companies to be certified to the then applicable standard of ISO 9002, obtaining certification in January 1994.

The commitment of top management has ensured that this is not an exercise in mere paperwork; the benefits experienced from working within a structured and streamlined organization have enabled the company to provide a world-class, professional and reliable service to our customers.

Quality management techniques are used throughout the company and our representative offices to provide a means for continual improvement. Zodiac's quality documentation is listed below. Click the respective link to view the document.

KEPL 9001-2015 - Quality Management System.pdf

KEPL 14001-2015 - Environment Management System.pdf

KEPL 18001-2015 - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systen.pdf

K-INFOTECH 27001-2013.pdf

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