Marine Solutions


K-Sec is  an India based service provider of offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities.Whether you are installing a platform in environmentally and physically demanding waters, or simply need engineering support, our offshore engineering team can help. We pride ourselves on offering advanced engineering solutions that are supported by decades of operational know-how. Our Capabilities include Feasibility and Proof of Concept Studies, Front-End Engineering Design, Project Cost Analysis and Heavy-Lift Transport Engineering and Project Management.

Dive Solutions


Our commercial divers go to the seabed to perform the delicate maneuvers required to put together, maintain, and disassemble offshore wells, rigs, and pipelines, everything from flipping flow valves, to tightening bolts with hydraulic jacks, to working in tight confines around a blowout preventer, becaause none of the remotely operated vehicles have the touch, maneuverability, or human judgment for the job. At this moment, all around the world, one of our commercial divers living at pressure inside saturation systems is doing one of these jobs, with all the ultra modern safety systems.

Marine Safety Solutions


We are primarily focusing on Maritime Security and Counter-Piracy Services, Armed and Unarmed Maritime Security, and the Security of Ports and Strategic Waterways. Given the growing problem of maritime piracy, particularly off the coast of Somalia, the Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean, we are developing this new directory. We also intend to incorporate here companies focusing on the offering of assistance with the implementation of the ISPS Code as well as those securing domestic ports and waterways prone to terorists and other political and economic disturbances..

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One-Stop-Ship Service

one stop solutions

One-Stop-Ship Service

One-stop maritime services, dedicated to design then to supply turnkey offshore solutions and bespoke services packages for seaborne operations and especially to Blue Growth actors : oceanographic offices, energy stakeholders, ships owners, industrial firms (marine energy, defense), shipyards, NGO, security companies, training centers...

As you know and practice it : sea is a nonesuch selective and demanding environment.

To meet your needs, our teams combine project supervision and technical assistance services & vessels operation and coordination. More than basic chartering, we offer you service-oriented solutions and maritime services tailored packages, in order to :

     - find effective solutions

     - secure your operations

     - improve efficiency at sea



Our leaders, experts and seafarers commitment is to develop for you a SHIP AS A SERVICE concept, to perform result-driven 

and function-oriented solutions.

> Project management and technical assistance

> Shipsourcing and chartering

> Marine coordination

> Subcontractors sourcing, selection and coordination

> Examples : operational support for sea trials & sea surveys campaigns, maritime civil

works, watchdog and liaison services, sunken devices search & recovery, people seaway evacuation, ROV operations...

> Technical acceptance and commissioning

> Documentary et administrative management

> Manning & crew management

> Site management

> Technical & logistic management

> Examples : crew provision for ships trials and conveyance, third parts marine assets O&M and superintendency, technical-stop and layup management, ROV maintenance, spare-parts procurement, stop-over management, catering...

> Handover

> Theoretical and field teaching

> Safety et security training and drills

> Competencies assessment

> Examples : support to new ship handover, engine and deck-equipment and ROV

maintenance courses, animation of safety and security practices, interception boats and waterjets steering training, 

DP training, support to military training exercises...


> Technical audits

> Safety & security audits

> Safety & impact studies

> Assistance to permitting management operations

> Maritime aera users and operators consultation

> Mandatory certifications preparation

> Process wording

> Business opportunity studies

> Examples : ship technical and administrative survey, risks assessment, ISO-ISM-ISPS

audits preparation and implementation, operating and maintenance handbooks wording, technical benchmark, crisis staff support...

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